Saturday, 22 December 2007

santa clause is coming to town

back home in didcot town now
and the work.. is churning out slow
for this flim project, i am going to make soft toy action figures (i hope...)
of the characters from run lola run
but, still dwelling on the designs
i keep hopping back and fourth between over abstract characters, to realistic characters.. and ra ra ra
angela is right, my work is far too character based
but i already have the context for the work.. i am just producing a consumable object for potential sale
art vending

this essay is... boring me to death
i dont even want to say any more on it
i havnt started it yet
its due on the 14th
and.. i couldnt care less

wrong time of year to care too much eh
chin chin y'all

Thursday, 6 December 2007

way out west

this is not the most inspiring weather today
however, got some good music on.. been teaching myself slide guitar recently. so listening to some blues
and some music by a guy named andy mckee
pretty amazing

so far for this 'FILM' project, (where, for those of you who don't know, we have to produce a piece(s) of work related to one of the films shown at the film club.)
i have chosen run,lola,run
as it is only a short project i have given myself a set of rules to work by, in order to produce something more specific, and not faff around with ideas when i need to be churning out work.
focusing on the way lola chants her 'wait' mantra in her head whilst running to manni

i have also had the ideas of editing a german mark, to put her face on, making it look like a limited edition flim coupon or whatever
but this seems a bit safe and boring to be quite honest
so i have stuck to looking at polish film posters... keeping it very illustrative. bold lines and colours. almost abstract.
i will try and get some pictures up on here soon
god bless

Saturday, 1 December 2007

"hey, you got a killer scene there, man"

the first day of christmas
how time flies
the crit went well.... i wont go into the details, but angela and rolf seemed happy with what i produced.
i know its not great, but being the first narrative i have written and illustrated, i think its a good start, and a good base to go from and improve

the new brief 'film' should be good.. although a very short time scale..
no complaints though as thats what it will be like when i leave uni to the big bad real world
looking at polish film posters..
doing 'run, lola, run'
bright blocky colours
focusing on the way she chants her 'wait...wait...wait' mantra in her head
my parents are visiting today - taking me to lunch. should be lovely.


Thursday, 29 November 2007

(minor)judgement day

spent yesterday evening in the police station again at a 'viper view'...
we did get dropped off at the pub in a marked police car.. suckers
finished my hidden project.
im pleased with it.
and pleased that ive finished it. although i do feel i could add more, but that would endanger it getting too messy. its all simple lines (with trippy tricky bits in between) and its very naive and tight. bold colours. confident lines. diamonds skulls steaks violins and shit

my crit is at 1.15...
then the new brief is going to be set. interested to know what this is going to be on. apparently something to do with the films that are shown at the lecture theatre on thursday evenings. wont be hard for me to choose which film, run lola run being the only one i have seen

im listening to the bronx
you should be too

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

hairy tale day two

day two of drawing up the final images
just finished number 3 of 6... still no colour or text yet though
crit at 1 on thursday.. so i have today and tomorrow to get it done, which should be fine as long as nothing goes wrong...
my hand is aching and my vision is severely impaired from this.. but i like it
its fun
and relaxing
yet also a major head fuck... im staring at the lines so much they are begining to move

Monday, 26 November 2007

hairy tale

today i am working on images for a novellette
by the end of the week i aim to produce 5 - 6 images (with text) to make a short story
starring geoff adams
the hairy wolf man, hidden in the forest and beneath his hairy fur outer covering
nothing too deep
just a short look at him and his mixed up ways being left alone in the forest
light hearted nonsense that aims to do nothing more than bring a cheeky sideways grin and an inside chuckle to those who look upon it
stay tuned all you avid readers

Thursday, 22 November 2007


hide away
behind their floppy fringes
in the shadows
under hoods

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

cant see the trees for the forest

i'll start again
at the moment i am working on characters from children's stories who are set in forests
(hansel. gretel. peter. the wolf. goldilocks. the three bears. and that damn wolf.)
i have been taking the 'hidden' idea so literally... trying to produce an image that is visually hidden.. when maybe all i need to do is illustrate something that is / has been or is considered hidden...
so i am illustrating these characters.. at the moment using hand drawn india ink.. but considering moving to a screen print and mulitplying the image to create an almost wallpaper effect. by multiplying the images of these characters they become a crowd.. and in a crowd, it is easy to become hidden as an individual
(illustrating my hatred for places like london....)
who wants to be just a face in a crowd?

anyone want to buy me the rise against vans? those pikeys killed my emerica's
all of you
thanks for reading

hidden update

been a hectic few days
me and eliot got jumped on friday night
i won't go into the details, ive ended up with a broken nose and eliot has snapped a bone in his hand.
but i will say, there was a dozen of them, and they left bleeding while we stood, all fluids safe inside us
been back and fourth to the police station giving statements etc etc as someone else was not so lucky that same night being attacked by the same people.
struggling to keep my head down for this project
i have been researching and focusing on nursery rhymes and fairy tales
in particular those set in forests, as they are brilliant at hiding things physically
also the way that many of these childrens stories (hansel and gretel is what i am concentrating on) have hidden meanings and side stories...
but not so much
obviously, i am keeping this very illustrative, using a rule pen and india inks on card and good paper. right back i need a roll-up

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Thursday, 8 November 2007


yesterday me and a few others from my course visited korky paul at his home in oxford to interview him for professional contexts.
it went brilliantly, with about an hour and a half of gold caught on camera
what scares me a little, is that i think i learnt more from him in those few hours yesterday than i have since i started here at bath spa.

i'm still at home with the family at the moment for various reasons
and i have just found out that there is an exhibition that starts on monday and i need to put some work up for it.. great.. im not there
so, kind of in a bad mood today. but also a good mood, as i have just done a few drawings i am very chuffed with towards the hidden project. and also i am quite excited about getting some work together to send to korky paul.

the idea of illustrating kids books is becoming increasingly more appealing.
i'll update again soon.
kind of sucks that no one is actually fucking reading this

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

hidden part one

I have come home for a few days.. needed some time to clear my head
been freaking out a bit lately. maybe freaking out arent the right words. more, panicing about where i am going. what am i doing.
whether i am good enough to be going into this industry.
there's nothing i can really do.. except practise and get better

I want to go a bit dark with this HIDDEN project.
the nights are closing in
days are getting shorter

i want to do something eerie.. using lullabies and nursery rhymes and kids stories
brother's grimm style..

'lullabies to paralyse'

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

words project update

been a while since i posted a blog
after a tutorial with angela on friday, i have decided to push the much more free, illustrative drawings
specifically, the 'peregrine falcon' ones. running out of ink seriously fast, so have to pop into town in a bit. and get spray mount and mount board.. also black lipstick.. and some socks. for halloween of course.
ever seen the film warriors?

with these 'peregrine' drawings, i am trying to keep the colour scheme very limited
using just black ink and the colours on the paper... maybe using one other colour to emphasise the words
i am just doing a4 drafts at the moment, but i aim to produce an a2 one to present on thursday (2.30) at the group crit.

i get the feeling that a lot of other people have taken this very litereally.. i dont know. i hope this is what they are looking for.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Let the letters do the talking

project 2.
With the last project i thought too much. I need to just start working, and see what develops from what i produce, which is what i am doing with this project.
I am going to make this project very illustrative, and textured. Lots of inks and paints and scrap paper.
A theme has been developing so far - animals. I want to create a piece of work that has an image with words worked into it. I am thinking probably focusing on endangered animals..
(there is some of my work up on the myspace profile)
more to come soon...

Thursday, 11 October 2007


just started a new myspace page to show my work on

accidental beauty

i am currently listening to 'superstition' by stevie wonder.
just a quick blog to summarise where i am at with this project -
i have been over-thinking this far too much. i just need to remember, i am a designer, not an artist.
yesterday, i was sat out at somerset place on the grass. sat on the freshly fallen leaves, my back to the sun. blue sky above. fresh breeze. and i was drawing, when it hit me. how accidently beautiful.
autumn is a great time of year for me (as i said in a previous blog)
fresh. new. crisp. clear.
this is what i want to show. my aim - to produce 3 - 6 tshirt design referencing this.
clouds. leaves. rain. wind. cold. crisp. change. fall. new.
for the crit i will just produce the designs on paper. if i am pleased with these designs i will submit them to
i also want to get back into the screen printing more this year. really enjoyed that last year. so i aim to print out a few of these designs onto shirts.
feeling a good start to the year.
i am now listening to 'what'd i say' by ray charles. back to work.

Monday, 8 October 2007

monday october 8th 11.38am 2 victoria buildings bath

october sessions begin
i find this always a good month to work. weather is becoming cooler. crisper. everything seems to be calmer. and the ink on the page doesn't dry as quick.
Was supposed to have the professional contexts meeting today, but the tutor was not available. so this gives me a chance to think more about my 'accidental beauty' project
what i am struggling with to begin with... is.. what is beauty? and how can i be certain it's accidental?

*1. beauty -- the qualities that give pleasure to the senses
*2. smasher, stunner, knockout, beauty, ravisher, sweetheart, peach, lulu, looker, mantrap, dish -- a very attractive or seductive looking woman
*3. beauty, beaut -- an outstanding example of its kind; "his roses were beauties"; "when I make a mistake it's a beaut"

so, to summarise for this project.. beauty = an outstanding example of its kind, giving pleasure to the senses.

*1. accidental, adventitious -- associated by chance and not an integral part; "poetry is something to which words are the accidental, not by any means the essential form"- Frederick W. Robertson; "they had to decide whether his misconduct was adventitious or the result of a flaw in his character"
*2. accidental, casual, chance -- occurring or appearing or singled out by chance; "their accidental meeting led to a renewal of their friendship"; "seek help from casual passers-by"; "a casual meeting"; "a chance occurrence"
*3. accidental, inadvertent -- without intention; especially resulting from heedless action; "with an inadvertent gesture she swept the vase off the table"; "accidental poisoning";"an accidental shooting"

again, to summarise for this project.. accidental = an occurring event that was not pre-decided and without intention.
but this, surely will be almost impossible to create. there are artists that have made 'accidental' methods of creating work. but, surely the act of setting up an 'accident' to happen, then removes it from being an accident? if something is intentionally set up, then it is not an accident. it has purpose and an intention.
so, i believe i will have to find 'accidental beauty' out and about in streets and towns that have already occurred.

which annoy's me slightly, as this means i will have to work mainly in photography, where i really want to work in drawing based illustration. maybe i can convert photography to hand drawn work. creating 'accidents' i find.. into something 'beautiful'.

(*word definitions from

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Year Two Begins

Sign in day yesterday and mini lectures today about options and timetables.

I have chosen to go for the Political Graphics option.
I've always been interetsed in political graphics, having done a bit of work on latin American propaganda already, and i would love to pursue this further. It's something that is always going to be needed, and is always very very provocative.
Looking forward to it. The summer has been a bit of a drag with no projects set, and i seem to have lost the ability to draw
Hopefuly only temporarily

Trying right now to download a PDF from C1RCA shoes to do a design for a competion. But smartly they have not made it mac compatible. nice.

Till next time
Over and Out


Monday, 11 June 2007

weeks ahead

now that my work is all handed in, i am planning on making some tshirts at silkscreen.
for sustainability and my personal mapping i have done some tshirt designs.. which i would like to print up.
lots of lego. zapatista soldiers. and stars and lightning.
its going to be magical.

diagnostic project

for this diagnostic project i started off with chosing my topic word.
i have recently been drawing some super hero characters and wrestlers. not in your conventional marvel way, but in a pretty-grotesque style.
i like these, and decided that id like to make a book out of the images.
having done more research i started looking into mexican wrestlers as a theme.. mostly just for the image to begin with. then i started to research more into the lifestyle of said wrestlers. in mexico, wrestlers are superstars. on tv. radio. seen in every magazine. they are everywhere, YET, many of them still maintain complete anonymity.
being seen everywhere, but only ever masked up. masked in mystery!
so this theme then sparked off the mexican theme.
i have used spanish-mexican language in the images, which i think works well. i wanted to create superheroes that could fill people with optimism. feeling safe that there is someone there to save you whenever something may go wrong.
what i have written on the images i wanted to almost be a mantra. something for people to say, to gain confidence.

i spent a long time drawing up, and then it came to getting the images sorted. i had decided to silk-screen. however, due to people having 'inductions' which meant for some reason that we were not allowed to be anywhere near the vicinity, meant that i had to scrap the idea of doing a book. as all i had time to do was one final image. this image i have made a lot bigger. and added colour on acetate with my touch markers.

i think it works well. i like the image. yet, i love books. i love stories. and i like little 'units'. as you would see from my portfolio - sketchbooks, notebooks, photos mounted in books. and i think a book would have been a nicer thing to hold.


really enjoyed the animation project. was a little tedious with the continuous drawing, but i enjoyed the challenge. although i think i have serious wrist problems now.
mixed the animation into a song by sikth 'wait for something wild'. not one of my favourite bands but i thought the song worked well.

we were supposed to be putting our animations together in groups.but i found the working in a group very annoying. it has proved to make the project so much more work by having to try and arrange to meet up and sort it all out. so mine is still on its own. its basic. but quite cool i think int its 12 second entirety!

been quite hard latley with the work load - everything seems to have been set at the same time. mapping... sustainability.... animation projects... daignostic project soon... and this semina talk. which, i am very uninterested in. not now anyway, at the start of the year i would have found more drive to do it. now i just want to work. im sick of not having specialised in illustration yet. and im just looking forward to getting a clean start this coming september.


dont dig flash at all. its something i really dont want to be using again any time soon in the future at all!

Photographic Sequences

Recently managed to find myself an old slr camera at the flea market in town. just a little practika camera, similar to the ones at uni. works like a charm. and only £35!
got a wide angle lens to go with it and i had some fun taking photos of the guys in my room. used this mad little filter that blocked out the edges a little... giving it this dreamy almost soft porn sort of effect. i like it.
have gotten quite carried away with the manual photography, and not done much digital. but finding it quite hard to get into doing the digital, as i have done so much of it already, it seems an almost pointless exercise at the moment when i all i want to be doing is trying new things.
still feel a lot like i am repeating my last year at foundation at brookes.

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

It's Wednesday morning
Birds are singing
The sky is blue (in places)
And the guys working for the council cutting bushes and tree's down still havnt cleared up the mess they have left throwing brambles down to my back gate, creating a rather inconvenient obstacle course which is great fun early in the morning and late at night.

Going to print some photo's today for my sequences project. got a bit bogged down with these images, trying to be too clever. but i think the ones i have chosen should turn out well. nothing too pretencious or arty... just a series of nice, honest, gritty images. dig it.

Finding flash quite hard to get used to, but i guess it is one of those things that just has to be kept at till it gets embedded into your head. i think i may use some of my sources from my photo sequencing directly for this. ever seen the led zeppelin physical graffiti album cover? thats the sort of gritty, grimy feel im looking for.

anyway, work now.
over and out.

Thursday, 22 March 2007

week begining 19th

finding it hard to remember to update this, but i am sure i will get into the swing of it soon.
went on a visit to london last monday, staying over the night in generator hostel. this was a much needed trip for me, to get back into my observational drawing, which i tend to slack on a bit when i am not somewhere new. but just set in the new surroundings near oxford street, i managed to get down some interesting information in my sketchbook, and on camera.

these should help me towards my animation project. i am thinking of basing it on transport.. our group theme being 'old and new'
as you cant go anywhere without transport being an issue, and in london that is particularly obvious. i would like to show some contrasts of old and new transport. maybe almost as if a mock advertising campaign for a new bus, or new underground trains.
however, i must limit myself and consider what i am doing and if it will be adequatly shown in 10 seconds / 120 drawings of animaton.

having done so much computer based work i have let my sketchbook work slide lately, and i am not happy with this. as that is the way i feel i am most productive, and producing no work is a vicious circle that can be hard to get out of.

Monday, 5 March 2007

1st blog for bath spa

This is my first blog.
The idea of writing these reflections of my work online seems to be a good idea, i mean, i always am writing down what i think of what i have done, but never in a consistant manner. i think this should help.
having started photography and film, i am enjoying the projects. it certainly is not what i enjoy most.. i prefer less digitally based mediums. but it is nice to use different media's, and not get stuck in a rut doing the same things. especially at such an early stage in my interest in the graphic industry.
i am finding the photography much easier to grasp than the film, having dont it in previous years. also, with the huge ammount of people that take camera's around with them, either on phones or small digitals, i think photography is becoming a very generic media. however, there is obviously a huge difference between a good photo and a snapshot. i guess what i am trying to say is that it is becoming a very natural thing for people to do.

i found it quite hard working in a group for the film project, spending time waiting on other people was rather infuriating at points, but it gone done eventually. but i think i would like to work on my next film project in a much smaller group, as it is easier to organise and get ideas set together.
also, i will be able to think more about the context and shooting more, seeing as though in the last one we had literally a day to come up with a subject and present it in a visual form.

anyway, over and out for now

Oliver Bowles