Thursday, 8 November 2007


yesterday me and a few others from my course visited korky paul at his home in oxford to interview him for professional contexts.
it went brilliantly, with about an hour and a half of gold caught on camera
what scares me a little, is that i think i learnt more from him in those few hours yesterday than i have since i started here at bath spa.

i'm still at home with the family at the moment for various reasons
and i have just found out that there is an exhibition that starts on monday and i need to put some work up for it.. great.. im not there
so, kind of in a bad mood today. but also a good mood, as i have just done a few drawings i am very chuffed with towards the hidden project. and also i am quite excited about getting some work together to send to korky paul.

the idea of illustrating kids books is becoming increasingly more appealing.
i'll update again soon.
kind of sucks that no one is actually fucking reading this