Tuesday, 20 November 2007

cant see the trees for the forest

i'll start again
at the moment i am working on characters from children's stories who are set in forests
(hansel. gretel. peter. the wolf. goldilocks. the three bears. and that damn wolf.)
i have been taking the 'hidden' idea so literally... trying to produce an image that is visually hidden.. when maybe all i need to do is illustrate something that is / has been or is considered hidden...
so i am illustrating these characters.. at the moment using hand drawn india ink.. but considering moving to a screen print and mulitplying the image to create an almost wallpaper effect. by multiplying the images of these characters they become a crowd.. and in a crowd, it is easy to become hidden as an individual
(illustrating my hatred for places like london....)
who wants to be just a face in a crowd?

anyone want to buy me the rise against vans? those pikeys killed my emerica's
all of you
thanks for reading

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