Tuesday, 20 November 2007

hidden update

been a hectic few days
me and eliot got jumped on friday night
i won't go into the details, ive ended up with a broken nose and eliot has snapped a bone in his hand.
but i will say, there was a dozen of them, and they left bleeding while we stood, all fluids safe inside us
been back and fourth to the police station giving statements etc etc as someone else was not so lucky that same night being attacked by the same people.
struggling to keep my head down for this project
i have been researching and focusing on nursery rhymes and fairy tales
in particular those set in forests, as they are brilliant at hiding things physically
also the way that many of these childrens stories (hansel and gretel is what i am concentrating on) have hidden meanings and side stories...
but not so much
obviously, i am keeping this very illustrative, using a rule pen and india inks on card and good paper.
....be right back i need a roll-up

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