Thursday, 29 November 2007

(minor)judgement day

spent yesterday evening in the police station again at a 'viper view'...
we did get dropped off at the pub in a marked police car.. suckers
finished my hidden project.
im pleased with it.
and pleased that ive finished it. although i do feel i could add more, but that would endanger it getting too messy. its all simple lines (with trippy tricky bits in between) and its very naive and tight. bold colours. confident lines. diamonds skulls steaks violins and shit

my crit is at 1.15...
then the new brief is going to be set. interested to know what this is going to be on. apparently something to do with the films that are shown at the lecture theatre on thursday evenings. wont be hard for me to choose which film, run lola run being the only one i have seen

im listening to the bronx
you should be too

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