Wednesday, 28 March 2007

It's Wednesday morning
Birds are singing
The sky is blue (in places)
And the guys working for the council cutting bushes and tree's down still havnt cleared up the mess they have left throwing brambles down to my back gate, creating a rather inconvenient obstacle course which is great fun early in the morning and late at night.

Going to print some photo's today for my sequences project. got a bit bogged down with these images, trying to be too clever. but i think the ones i have chosen should turn out well. nothing too pretencious or arty... just a series of nice, honest, gritty images. dig it.

Finding flash quite hard to get used to, but i guess it is one of those things that just has to be kept at till it gets embedded into your head. i think i may use some of my sources from my photo sequencing directly for this. ever seen the led zeppelin physical graffiti album cover? thats the sort of gritty, grimy feel im looking for.

anyway, work now.
over and out.

Thursday, 22 March 2007

week begining 19th

finding it hard to remember to update this, but i am sure i will get into the swing of it soon.
went on a visit to london last monday, staying over the night in generator hostel. this was a much needed trip for me, to get back into my observational drawing, which i tend to slack on a bit when i am not somewhere new. but just set in the new surroundings near oxford street, i managed to get down some interesting information in my sketchbook, and on camera.

these should help me towards my animation project. i am thinking of basing it on transport.. our group theme being 'old and new'
as you cant go anywhere without transport being an issue, and in london that is particularly obvious. i would like to show some contrasts of old and new transport. maybe almost as if a mock advertising campaign for a new bus, or new underground trains.
however, i must limit myself and consider what i am doing and if it will be adequatly shown in 10 seconds / 120 drawings of animaton.

having done so much computer based work i have let my sketchbook work slide lately, and i am not happy with this. as that is the way i feel i am most productive, and producing no work is a vicious circle that can be hard to get out of.

Monday, 5 March 2007

1st blog for bath spa

This is my first blog.
The idea of writing these reflections of my work online seems to be a good idea, i mean, i always am writing down what i think of what i have done, but never in a consistant manner. i think this should help.
having started photography and film, i am enjoying the projects. it certainly is not what i enjoy most.. i prefer less digitally based mediums. but it is nice to use different media's, and not get stuck in a rut doing the same things. especially at such an early stage in my interest in the graphic industry.
i am finding the photography much easier to grasp than the film, having dont it in previous years. also, with the huge ammount of people that take camera's around with them, either on phones or small digitals, i think photography is becoming a very generic media. however, there is obviously a huge difference between a good photo and a snapshot. i guess what i am trying to say is that it is becoming a very natural thing for people to do.

i found it quite hard working in a group for the film project, spending time waiting on other people was rather infuriating at points, but it gone done eventually. but i think i would like to work on my next film project in a much smaller group, as it is easier to organise and get ideas set together.
also, i will be able to think more about the context and shooting more, seeing as though in the last one we had literally a day to come up with a subject and present it in a visual form.

anyway, over and out for now

Oliver Bowles