Thursday, 22 March 2007

week begining 19th

finding it hard to remember to update this, but i am sure i will get into the swing of it soon.
went on a visit to london last monday, staying over the night in generator hostel. this was a much needed trip for me, to get back into my observational drawing, which i tend to slack on a bit when i am not somewhere new. but just set in the new surroundings near oxford street, i managed to get down some interesting information in my sketchbook, and on camera.

these should help me towards my animation project. i am thinking of basing it on transport.. our group theme being 'old and new'
as you cant go anywhere without transport being an issue, and in london that is particularly obvious. i would like to show some contrasts of old and new transport. maybe almost as if a mock advertising campaign for a new bus, or new underground trains.
however, i must limit myself and consider what i am doing and if it will be adequatly shown in 10 seconds / 120 drawings of animaton.

having done so much computer based work i have let my sketchbook work slide lately, and i am not happy with this. as that is the way i feel i am most productive, and producing no work is a vicious circle that can be hard to get out of.

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