Monday, 5 March 2007

1st blog for bath spa

This is my first blog.
The idea of writing these reflections of my work online seems to be a good idea, i mean, i always am writing down what i think of what i have done, but never in a consistant manner. i think this should help.
having started photography and film, i am enjoying the projects. it certainly is not what i enjoy most.. i prefer less digitally based mediums. but it is nice to use different media's, and not get stuck in a rut doing the same things. especially at such an early stage in my interest in the graphic industry.
i am finding the photography much easier to grasp than the film, having dont it in previous years. also, with the huge ammount of people that take camera's around with them, either on phones or small digitals, i think photography is becoming a very generic media. however, there is obviously a huge difference between a good photo and a snapshot. i guess what i am trying to say is that it is becoming a very natural thing for people to do.

i found it quite hard working in a group for the film project, spending time waiting on other people was rather infuriating at points, but it gone done eventually. but i think i would like to work on my next film project in a much smaller group, as it is easier to organise and get ideas set together.
also, i will be able to think more about the context and shooting more, seeing as though in the last one we had literally a day to come up with a subject and present it in a visual form.

anyway, over and out for now

Oliver Bowles

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