Monday, 8 October 2007

monday october 8th 11.38am 2 victoria buildings bath

october sessions begin
i find this always a good month to work. weather is becoming cooler. crisper. everything seems to be calmer. and the ink on the page doesn't dry as quick.
Was supposed to have the professional contexts meeting today, but the tutor was not available. so this gives me a chance to think more about my 'accidental beauty' project
what i am struggling with to begin with... is.. what is beauty? and how can i be certain it's accidental?

*1. beauty -- the qualities that give pleasure to the senses
*2. smasher, stunner, knockout, beauty, ravisher, sweetheart, peach, lulu, looker, mantrap, dish -- a very attractive or seductive looking woman
*3. beauty, beaut -- an outstanding example of its kind; "his roses were beauties"; "when I make a mistake it's a beaut"

so, to summarise for this project.. beauty = an outstanding example of its kind, giving pleasure to the senses.

*1. accidental, adventitious -- associated by chance and not an integral part; "poetry is something to which words are the accidental, not by any means the essential form"- Frederick W. Robertson; "they had to decide whether his misconduct was adventitious or the result of a flaw in his character"
*2. accidental, casual, chance -- occurring or appearing or singled out by chance; "their accidental meeting led to a renewal of their friendship"; "seek help from casual passers-by"; "a casual meeting"; "a chance occurrence"
*3. accidental, inadvertent -- without intention; especially resulting from heedless action; "with an inadvertent gesture she swept the vase off the table"; "accidental poisoning";"an accidental shooting"

again, to summarise for this project.. accidental = an occurring event that was not pre-decided and without intention.
but this, surely will be almost impossible to create. there are artists that have made 'accidental' methods of creating work. but, surely the act of setting up an 'accident' to happen, then removes it from being an accident? if something is intentionally set up, then it is not an accident. it has purpose and an intention.
so, i believe i will have to find 'accidental beauty' out and about in streets and towns that have already occurred.

which annoy's me slightly, as this means i will have to work mainly in photography, where i really want to work in drawing based illustration. maybe i can convert photography to hand drawn work. creating 'accidents' i find.. into something 'beautiful'.

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