Tuesday, 30 October 2007

words project update

been a while since i posted a blog
after a tutorial with angela on friday, i have decided to push the much more free, illustrative drawings
specifically, the 'peregrine falcon' ones. running out of ink seriously fast, so have to pop into town in a bit. and get spray mount and mount board.. also black lipstick.. and some socks. for halloween of course.
ever seen the film warriors?

with these 'peregrine' drawings, i am trying to keep the colour scheme very limited
using just black ink and the colours on the paper... maybe using one other colour to emphasise the words
i am just doing a4 drafts at the moment, but i aim to produce an a2 one to present on thursday (2.30) at the group crit.

i get the feeling that a lot of other people have taken this very litereally.. i dont know. i hope this is what they are looking for.

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