Thursday, 11 October 2007

accidental beauty

i am currently listening to 'superstition' by stevie wonder.
just a quick blog to summarise where i am at with this project -
i have been over-thinking this far too much. i just need to remember, i am a designer, not an artist.
yesterday, i was sat out at somerset place on the grass. sat on the freshly fallen leaves, my back to the sun. blue sky above. fresh breeze. and i was drawing, when it hit me. how accidently beautiful.
autumn is a great time of year for me (as i said in a previous blog)
fresh. new. crisp. clear.
this is what i want to show. my aim - to produce 3 - 6 tshirt design referencing this.
clouds. leaves. rain. wind. cold. crisp. change. fall. new.
for the crit i will just produce the designs on paper. if i am pleased with these designs i will submit them to
i also want to get back into the screen printing more this year. really enjoyed that last year. so i aim to print out a few of these designs onto shirts.
feeling a good start to the year.
i am now listening to 'what'd i say' by ray charles. back to work.

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