Thursday, 6 December 2007

way out west

this is not the most inspiring weather today
however, got some good music on.. been teaching myself slide guitar recently. so listening to some blues
and some music by a guy named andy mckee
pretty amazing

so far for this 'FILM' project, (where, for those of you who don't know, we have to produce a piece(s) of work related to one of the films shown at the film club.)
i have chosen run,lola,run
as it is only a short project i have given myself a set of rules to work by, in order to produce something more specific, and not faff around with ideas when i need to be churning out work.
focusing on the way lola chants her 'wait' mantra in her head whilst running to manni

i have also had the ideas of editing a german mark, to put her face on, making it look like a limited edition flim coupon or whatever
but this seems a bit safe and boring to be quite honest
so i have stuck to looking at polish film posters... keeping it very illustrative. bold lines and colours. almost abstract.
i will try and get some pictures up on here soon
god bless

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