Monday, 11 June 2007

diagnostic project

for this diagnostic project i started off with chosing my topic word.
i have recently been drawing some super hero characters and wrestlers. not in your conventional marvel way, but in a pretty-grotesque style.
i like these, and decided that id like to make a book out of the images.
having done more research i started looking into mexican wrestlers as a theme.. mostly just for the image to begin with. then i started to research more into the lifestyle of said wrestlers. in mexico, wrestlers are superstars. on tv. radio. seen in every magazine. they are everywhere, YET, many of them still maintain complete anonymity.
being seen everywhere, but only ever masked up. masked in mystery!
so this theme then sparked off the mexican theme.
i have used spanish-mexican language in the images, which i think works well. i wanted to create superheroes that could fill people with optimism. feeling safe that there is someone there to save you whenever something may go wrong.
what i have written on the images i wanted to almost be a mantra. something for people to say, to gain confidence.

i spent a long time drawing up, and then it came to getting the images sorted. i had decided to silk-screen. however, due to people having 'inductions' which meant for some reason that we were not allowed to be anywhere near the vicinity, meant that i had to scrap the idea of doing a book. as all i had time to do was one final image. this image i have made a lot bigger. and added colour on acetate with my touch markers.

i think it works well. i like the image. yet, i love books. i love stories. and i like little 'units'. as you would see from my portfolio - sketchbooks, notebooks, photos mounted in books. and i think a book would have been a nicer thing to hold.

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