Monday, 11 June 2007


really enjoyed the animation project. was a little tedious with the continuous drawing, but i enjoyed the challenge. although i think i have serious wrist problems now.
mixed the animation into a song by sikth 'wait for something wild'. not one of my favourite bands but i thought the song worked well.

we were supposed to be putting our animations together in groups.but i found the working in a group very annoying. it has proved to make the project so much more work by having to try and arrange to meet up and sort it all out. so mine is still on its own. its basic. but quite cool i think int its 12 second entirety!

been quite hard latley with the work load - everything seems to have been set at the same time. mapping... sustainability.... animation projects... daignostic project soon... and this semina talk. which, i am very uninterested in. not now anyway, at the start of the year i would have found more drive to do it. now i just want to work. im sick of not having specialised in illustration yet. and im just looking forward to getting a clean start this coming september.

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