Wednesday, 9 April 2008


just found out that my project is actually due in next week, and not tomorrow, which is nice. can do a better job of the presentation now.
just for reference, i am working on the 'a wall' project. which is to...
"Design a large-scale image/design that will be used on a minimum of 2 walls in a hotel room."
I am basing my work on my morocco trip...
and the theme "YOU ARE HERE"
so... i am thinking about national identity... and what i think i will present is two walls with an large image of a hand on each..
(images to come soon)
one hand will be highly decorated in henna.. the other with the moroccan flag.
drawn in a slightly disjointed faux-naiive style. black outlines and emphasised shapes.
maybe an 'essaouira blue' background...
like i said... images to be updated soon.. but here... enjoy this tasty morsal. someone has to.