Monday, 14 April 2008

rainy monday

so, its a rainy april monday
finishing off my 'wall' project... which has to go up in an exhibition on thursday.. which doesnt make me smile
having been away all easter in morocco... and having had to work loads when i got back for money, i havnt had much time to spend on this project.
basically, i am looking at the topic of "YOU ARE HERE"
basing my work on my trip to morocco too...
i am drawing (by hand) two hands...
one on each wall. one is lavishly decorated in henna style patterns (i have also looked in moroccan symbolisms... and i have largely used symbols of safety (as this is what you would really want in your hotel room surely...)
and on the other hand i am placing the moroccan flag.
this is not the most exciting idea... nor will it be brilliantly executed... but i am doing my best to get this done and out of the way.. as i am itching to start on the Graphic Novel. "TRUE STORIES"
here is an image of my work in progress::::::

yes its a shit image.. i took it on my phone...
for thursday i still have to finish the red hand... then make a small scale model of the room to illustrate how it will look... and i have a workshop on wednesday. so that is what my next two days will be.....

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