Thursday, 11 December 2008


its been a while. i have finally finished my dissertation, which feels great. but is also the reason why i have not been updating stuff on here much lately.
currently im working on a project for the bath literature festival, for an idea they have called the 'poetry taxi'. the basic concept is to have a 'taxi' in the town centre, which people line up for, and get read a poem by the 'driver' when inside. maybe i will post some concept ideas up on here. maybe i wont.
my scanner is still doing this weird twist and crop thing it does sometimes - as you can see in the 'skulls and bsa' image. i think its the lines it doesnt like. as every image it does it to, has a series of lines in.
lately i am listening to a lot of peter broderick, tom waits and queens of the stone age playing covers.
you should be too.

oh, and also you should see this. its the new video from brody dalle and allain johannes' band spinnerette. the video, by liam lynch, is pretty amazing.

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