Wednesday, 21 May 2008

hope you guessed my name....

2nd year is nearly over..
finish graphic novel (2 more drawings...) scan. print. bind.
scan and print out my cd project.
put together my 'journey' project.
and now working on a self-initiated project.

I started with the idea doing a cook book....
then decided id rather make some of those postcard flyers with recipes on... the type you get bombarded on you at the door in sainsburys
then i decided that i didnt want to spend 3 weeks drawing food and saucepans...

so i have chosen to stick with the ideas of recipes... but not for food..

Home-Made Tattoos
D.I.Y Taxidermy
Tye-Dye Your Wardrobe
Moonshine - Bring it on home
Camera in a Box Project

almost a battle against boredom.. recipes for some interesting things to do... usually involving a handful of 40s and some rolling stones..

i did a picture. here it is.

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