Sunday, 16 March 2008


getting my gear together for my backpacking trip around morocco
meeting up with the other two members of this adventure later on to have a think about places to stay and where to go
we leave oxford at 11.58 tomorrow night....
leave terra firma about 4 am.. then land in frankfurt
we have to wait around for about 7 hours there, till we can fly to fes in the afternoon.
getting pretty excited.although a little reluctant about the long long journey
going to be magic.
got myself a new sketchbook, and loads of camera film. i'll update when i can on here. and hopefuly have some good work to show at the end of it

watching a rad programme on cyclones in samoa right now. thankyou sky +
takes your breath away the power of mother nature
hopefuly she wont prove too much of a problem whilst i am away
everyone keep your fingers crossed.

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